What We Do

Jasara Constructions is a privately owned and multi-award winning property development and construction company providing beautiful, affordable, and innovative commercial and residential projects. Over many years we have become an industry leader in highrise residential developments, lowrise residential developments, commercial developments, and design and construct projects.

When Jeffrey Sahyoun started Jasara, he was able to call upon talented people known to him from years in the industry. The result is a hand-picked staff able to realise projects of every scope, style, and budget. Our team can assist with every stage of your project, from DA approval and financial advice all the way to construction and picking out the door handles. We are accustomed to working with key stakeholders, consortiums, and investors, and offer an enjoyable working experience, innovative solutions, and maximum return on investment.

Each project brings with it distinctive challenges and opportunities. Individual solutions are tailored for each of our clients.

While each development is different, there are ‘two views’ by which every project must be assessed and Jasara Consolidated is uniquely equipped to address both. It all adds up for client satisfaction and spectacular results.

Big Picture

The Big Picture is where we begin, asking questions about the goals, look, feel, and potential of your project.

We can work with you in site selection, acquisition, approval, and layout. At this stage we also look at the design of your development, from the appearance of the building itself to the way it transforms the community around it. Clients can utilise their own concepts or work with our trusted team. Here we aim to balance aesthetic qualities with state-of-the-art engineering, creating properties for the head and the heart. We have a proud history of working alongside our clients, ensuring that the all the boxes—beautiful, functional, safe, investable—are ticked. From the outset, we also bring our creative thinking to your budget, giving you the most for your investment. Combined with setting clear budgets, Jasara Constructions is proud to be a preferred builder of the major banks, ensuring that our clients receive the best financial support available.

Nothing is off limits at this stage. Jasara Constructions is motivated by new challenges and thrives upon the setting of high goals. Whatever vision you have—aesthetic, financial, social— we are excited to make it a reality together.

Small Picture

The Small Picture does not refer to the significance of the goals but rather their proximity to the nuts and bolts of a project. It has been said that hope is not a strategy, and so we take the Big Picture and enact practical steps to make it a reality. From long experience, Jasara knows precisely how to get the job done.

At this stage we make clear the actionable objectives and deliverables. Our award-winning construction brings your vision to life. We create stunning properties with an obsessive attention to detail, integrity, and safety. Every site is overseen by Jeffrey Sahyoun and maintained by highly experienced managers. We provide effective and efficient communication between clients and building teams. We adhere to schedules and budget to give you the most for your investment. From the breaking of ground to the key in the door, we guarantee quality and satisfaction.

Jasara Constructions possesses an intimate knowledge of on-the-ground construction and optimal site management. Our team specialises in translating your vision into practical reality and doing it all with our unrivalled commitment to the highest professional standards, disciplined delivery schedules, due diligence, and risk management. The details add up in creating beautiful, affordable properties for living or investment.

The directors here are relationship-driven. I see this not only with their own staff, but particularly with their clients - Joseph Sahyoun, Projects Coordinator

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  • We are where we are today by listening to our clients. All our projects begin with a conversation and continue in the spirit of equal dialogue.

    Contact us today to start a conversation about the needs and potential of your project. There’s no question too big or small.

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