Jeffrey Sahyoun

Managing Director

Why did you start Sirius Consolidated?
Sirius Consolidated was founded by Jim Wehbe and myself in 2005. It was initially established to tender for government contracts. It has since developed partnerships and long term clientele through Joint venture partnerships and private developments. It has continued to be a successful growing company from Building and Developing.

What do you love most about your job?
The challenges and relationships we have developed over the years which has enabled us to grow and retain our clientele.

What makes Sirius Consolidated different from other property developers out there?
The difference is we believe every staff member is a partner and a big part of the vision of Jasara or Sirius in its long term planning and growth.

What’s a favourite job you’ve worked on at Sirius?
The current project we have with Homicide Victims’ Support Group – HVSG. We are the project managers and builders  and will be constructing residential trauma centre for the innocent victims (aged 3 to 18) of homicide.

Where would you like to see Jasara Consolidated go in the next 5-10 years?
I would like Jasara to retain staff members and see them grow in the company and assist the growth of the company with the aim of being one of the leading construction firms in Australia.


Jim Wehbe

Senior Project Manager

Jim is a veteran of the building industry with skills in land acquisition, site management, and a passion for long-term client partnerships. From the front-end loader to the overall supervision of the site, Jim has run the gamut. He has a strong commitment to the community, retaining ongoing relationships with numerous housing groups such as Evolve Housing, Hume Housing, Land and Housing Corporation, and St. George Housing.


Daniel Bennett

Project & Construction Manager

Graduating with honours in a Bachelor of Building, Daniel has an extensive background in residential, government, defense, commercial, civil, and remedial works. He has an impeccable knowledge of Australian standards, NCC, and business competency, and proactively drives company policies, practices, and procedures in compliance with WHS legislated requirements. Daniel has previously worked on large-scale projects such as shopping centres, television studios, hospitals, and museums.


Joseph Makhoul

Construction Manager

Joseph is a dedicated builder who enjoys the pleasure that comes from completing a project that measures up to his own high standards and exceeds a client’s expectations. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry), he brings an analytic mind to building solutions. Joseph holds planning, foresight, and good communication to be the hallmarks of a successful project. Outstanding client feedback has confirmed this methodology.


Joseph Sahyoun

Project Manager

Joseph has been a part of numerous construction projects at managerial, senior, or partnered positions. He specialises in the fine details, and has a comprehensive knowledge of Australian Standards and business practices. His degree in Construction Management and Quantity Surveying brings direction and control to every site he oversees. In the past Joseph has worked as a licensed builder and quantity estimator at his own company.


Tony Sahyoun

Operations Manager

Trained as a carpenter, Tony observes the highest level of health and safety regulations during all stages of project execution, and is proactive with safety groups and subcontractors to promote a productive and hazard-free work environment. He has an ability to resolve any potential issues which may arise onsite, communicating effectively with the construction team. Tony builds long-term relationships with clients, valuing loyalty and hard work, and leading by example.

The company is run as a family. With that environment comes respect and loyalty. - Joseph Makhoul, Construction Manager

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